New Ways is an active and authentic local NGO based in Mogadishu, Somalia. It was founded in 1993, when people of Merka city in Lower Shabelle region of Somalia suffered the severity of the humanitarian crises resulted from the ongoing civil war and hostilities.

To respond the emergency situation, NWO immediately engaged the Merka community and formed a local committee and an executive team. Initially NWO received partial funds from a Swiss volunteer woman named Verena who was later killed by criminal armed men. With active community participation, NWO in a very short period succeeded to found a health center and a primary school.This infirmary project was followed by other projects in the field of education, sanitation and emergency assistance.

Eventually, Local intellectuals and Somali diaspora individuals took over the funding and governance role to keep New Ways continue its prolific service delivery for the targeted communities. A Board of Directors was elected who set the governance strategy and operational plans.

NWO has a strong management team capable of formulating and communicating the mission of   the projects and translating its objectives into action is critical for success. Our teams are competent, motivated and operating within an environment of clear objectives and performance targets, management autonomy and accountability. NWO expects to achieve greater impact through the improvement of the general work standards, and in getting across the concept of working systematically with international development agencies, conventional actors and the private sector through coherent strategies towards well-defined goals.

NWO grew faster and extended its humanitarian and development projects to other parts of Southern Somalia. NWO’s Main office was moved to the Capital in 2013.  Merka base remains as sub-office. Three other sub-offices were also founded in Barawe, Jowhar and Central regions respectively.

NWO is an active member in OCHA’s cluster coordination mechanisms including Health, Nutrition, Protection and Food Security. With the help of Somali Diaspora, WFP, UNICEF, Caritas Switzerland, UNFPI/MOH Somalia, and other donors, this organization was fortunate to implement several humanitarian and development projects in the Southern Somalia.